What could the FIFA 2020 trailer look like?

A more in-depth look at FIFA 19 with further details was revealed at the 2019 FIFA eWorld Cup Final last year, and with FIFA esports growing, you can only imagine they would repeat the trick this term. The date for the grand final of the FIFA 19 Global Series hasn’t been announced yet, but all signs point to it climaxing on Saturday, 3rd of August 2019.

It’s unlikely, but EA could change tact and put pressure on their closest rival, Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer by bringing the game out earlier than expected. PES 2019 was released worldwide on 30 August 2018, over four weeks before the full release of FIFA 19. With last year’s FIFA heavily criticised, there is a huge opportunity for PES to claw back some ground on FIFA if they get their release right. If EA Sports are worried about this, they could push back their own release a week or two, and the producers have said an earlier release is “possible” moving forward.

The biggest issue with FIFA 19 was the gameplay. Before a series of patch updates, we had defenders running into each other, and the game’s meta was being exploited by first-time finesse shots flying into the top corner time and time again. For FIFA 20, the developers need to get it a lot closer to being right when the game is released, with still back post crosses heavily overpowered and defending after a kick-off weirdly difficult. FIFA 19’s sales were 35% lower than FIFA 18 in its first week, and you can only imagine this will worsen for FIFA 20.

So what needs to improve? Well, timed finishing is as brilliant as it is frustrating. We all love to see a ball fly into the top corner from 25 yards, but when it happens again and again, the magic is lost a little bit. Timed finishing needs to be looked at and certainly adjusted. Perhaps only applicable for finesse shots, or drives from range, with timing a one-on-one finish with the goalkeeper fairly redundant.

Death by first-time finesse
Goalkeeper movement has also faced much criticism, with the concept highly unrealistic. Have you ever seen a goalkeeper run across his as the striker shoots to gather the ball in his arms? With the game so fast, you cannot react to goalkeeper movement as you line up your shot, so the plausible solution would be for movement to only apply one step either side for the ‘keeper. Think of it how goalies gamble on free kicks by taking a step to the opposing side as the set piece is taken.

Tactics received a massive overhaul for FIFA 19, but they have been slightly overpowered. Take Liverpool’s Gegenpress under Jurgen Klopp, they press hard, but if the opposition can keep the ball for 20 seconds or so, the press is beaten, and the defence is exposed. As a result, your defensive depth needs to be incredibly deep, otherwise the opponent can get in behind the back four. Not a huge adjustment is needed, but a tweak to add more realism.

House rules were a great addition for FIFA 19, and we want to see more of them! Why stop at three ejections for survival mode, why not continue until you have just a goalkeeper. Or how about a winner stays on mode when there are three or more gamers playing. A draft mode has been seen on PES, where you can draft in a squad just to play against your mates, or how about a match where you can mix the world’s best male & female stars?

Dynamic weather has been called for in FIFA games for some time, with Pro Evo taking the lead in this department. On both games, weather affects how you play, with the ball skidding on in wet or snowy conditions. Dynamic weather means the weather could change mid game, going from overcast to rainy, and you may have to change your style of play as a result.

A downpour of snow will slow down your ground passes and cause aerial balls to skid on
It may be a long shot, but FIFA in virtual reality doesn't look too far away. Oculus Rift co-founder Nate Mitchell claimed FIFA and VR was a “natural fit”. He told Eurogamer “You can imagine sitting in the stands and confetti is raining down… and the four of us are sitting next to each other and controlling the players on the field – an awesome VR experience.”

FIFA games suffer from an input lag however – the time taken for a button press to result in an on-screen action, and VR would add to this delay slightly. With new consoles potentially on the way in 2020, we may see this in FIFA over the years ahead.

Women's clubs may seem a long way off for FIFA fans, but after highlighting the 2019 World Cup in Canada on the Journey in FIFA 19, EA may need to step up again this year. A FIFA graphic of Chelsea's Fran Kirby modelling the Blues new kit for 2019/20 was revealed on the Blues' Instagram story, giving us hope of seeing Women's Super League and maybe even Champions League clubs on FIFA 20.

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